Corporate & Documentary Production

FERRY DOCS, founded in 2010, concentrates on creating corporate and image film productions. An exclusive team of top-notch writers creates our scripts. This unit of the company serves German and international industry clients.

Gerhard Schmidt-Ferry

Gerhard Schmidt-FerryGERHARD SCHMIDT-FERRY, Managing Director and Executive Producer, began his career in 1977 as a film technician in a Hamburg film lab. He quickly developed camera skills which helped him land the job of Dop at the animation stand in the special effects department. Next he became Production Coordinator and Producer at Markenfilm, before he moved on to ad agencies J.Walter Thompson and FCB where he managed the TV department. Then he joined Production International and Cebra Film as Managing Director. In 1993 he founded his own company Ferry Film, named after his family’s Ferry Theatre in Hamburg, which was completely destroyed during the second world war.

“Each production receives my personal attention. My clients can expect nothing less. Assembly line work is not for me.”

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